How to find your life purpose

Finding your life purpose can be very easy. Try the following approach which is refreshingly different!

Step 1)

Look for places in your life and your experience in alignment with your heart where you feel the experience of home and your source (real experience). Experiences you felt closest to home and the happiest. Internal and external experiences. Especially look for what you are doing when you feel that closeness to your source.

Step 2)

Ponder deeply what you might want to be doing with all this energy. How you might want to be sharing this energy with others. It’s ultimately that connection to source that you are sharing with someone.

Step 3)

Try different things and enjoy the process. You’ll grow from there!

It’s nice to practice gratitude!

Hi guys, I totally forget sometimes to be grateful for all the great things and people that surround me. There are definitely times when it is okay to be angry because of the amount of untruth that is still in this reality. Nevertheless it’s important (and nice!) to practice gratitude as well from time to time, because this is the direction we are all heading towards.

My task for the week is to remember at least 5 things or moments daily that I am grateful for. Feel free to join me.

Have a good day,

Painful days?

I know, some days can be tough and challenging. We are living in are very dense world with a lot of contrasts and chaos. When in pain, be quiet for a moment and move into your sacred heart space. Here, in your heart, you will find the safety and comfort you are looking for. Feel your connection to this safety, to the eye of the storm. Here you are at home. It’s your true home. God is with you in your true home. Whenever you like you can meet him here. He’ll always be here with you.

Visualize energy of love streaming from your heart center to the rest of your body, filling you up with love completely. Know that it is okay to not be happy all the time since we are transitioning from a very dark age to the new Golden Age that we are co-creating together. Being in pain and feeling confused at times is part of the healing process. Give yourself special attention in these demanding times and be very loving with yourself.

We are going to heal the illusion collectively and increase the global amount of love step by step.

Happy transition 😉

It is important to have fun

I was feeling a little bit uninspired today and I did not know what to write about next in my blog or in which direction I want to go energetically with the blog. Then a good friend of mine sent me a funny video and this video reminded me to just have fun now & to take it easy! After some heavy and deep inner work in the last months it is now about time for me to focus on the lightness and relax for a while.
I Am God, your creator, coming to you in this now-moment of linear time. I come to bring you the remembrance of a fact that you all know deep inside. Deep inside you are all-knowing. Deep inside you know that you are the creator of everything you experience. Every hardship, sickness and challenge is of your creation. 
Some of you create more conscious than others, that is true. Nevertheless everyone of my children is fully responsible for their own creations. You have the ability to create and manifest. This is a blessing and gift that was given to you by me. One part of the lessons you can learn in your reality is to get in touch with this gift and to master it step by step. So let me tell you that there can be reasons for you to manifest hardships, pain and struggle. 
It can quicken your learning and healing process and it teaches you compassion. It teaches you what really counts by contrasting things. It is very important to remember that you can also learn in a more joyful and fun way and I recommend you all to take a break from your hardships now. Refocus your bodies onto the joyful aspects of existence and celebrate with me. 
Can you see the cosmic joke yet? You are all powerful beings and you chose to limit yourselves. Focus your attention on the beauty now and truly have fun. There are many flavors to experience, try them all out. Thank you for the transmission in this way. Happy days.

Oh, and this is the crazy video which inspired me to create this post – what a masterpiece… 😉 

God on Trust – Channeled Message

I Am God, your creator. Believing in me is trust. Trusting me is believing in me. Trust me, you can believe me. I have your best interest in mind and in heart. Since there is no separation between you and me we truly are one from another point of view. 
You chose to limit your point of view in order to experience my vastness and beauty from a new perspective. Trust is acknowledging the fact that we truly are one, because by pursuing my highest interests I am pursuing your highest interests as well. In truth I am not separated from anything. All my children are connected to me and so are you. God is the highest interest of everything there is. Feel this truth in your sacred heart now, my child.
We are one and I am there for you. You can give yourself to me completely and I will nourish you. I fulfill your every desire and guide you to your truth. Believing in me is the absence of negativity and fear. With me by your side everything is possible and it goes even beyond that. I embrace you in my love and protection, feel my nourishing light flowing into every cell of your being.
Feel refreshed now my child and live your life from this centered state of clarity. Live your life trusting me and feel everything lighten up in my soft embrace. Trust me, I got your back.

God on Ascension – Channeled Message

I Am God, your creator. I am with you in this moment. I am with you in every moment. We are never separated from each other. You can in your lower consciousness, however, create the impression as if we are separate. This would be an illusion. And so is the process of ascension a pure illusion since it presumes a state which does not exist. 
The experience is what matters here of course and the experience is real. The experience is what this is about. So you unlearn now step by step your mind programming, beliefs and conditionings. You burn everything unreal off your pathways and reconnect with your TRUE home. I am your true home and I am awaiting your return with a thrill of anticipation, my son. I am ready to enfold you in my arms. This process can be called ascension. 
It is the reconnection with the source, the truth and the unlearning of the untruth! It is the reconnection with your truth. So you step evermore into your own truth and into the truth of your soul as part of the ascension process. And this is why you are asking yourself a wonderful question:”God, how can I serve you?” My son, you serve me by being yourself completely!
Be how I created you. Innocent, curious and full of pleasant anticipation with a big drive for exploration and wonder. First bring this lightness into your own being and then into the world. Now cultivate your original condition, bring it into the world and share it with my other children. I Am God and I love you. Amen.