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Here you find an example:

Today the Divine would like you to detach from your pain and games.

Find the heavenly peace that is an aspect of who you truly are by letting go and surrendering to the Divine. Trying to control things in your life is very exhausting and the things are beyond your control anyway. Let the divine do the work for you. Take a rest, finally, by trusting the divine to guide you and care for you.

Letting go of everything and trusting your heavenly father is your key to the manifestation of your desires. Letting go of everything does not mean to give up or to lose yourself. It makes room for the things and people that truly belong to you.

Stop resisting the divine love. Don’t fight it. Don’t delay the inevitable anymore. Give in and allow the love to enter you. Dive right into the fountain of divine love and remember your divine truth. Remember the pristine harmony that is underlying everything and everyone. Soak up divine love now and fill every single one of your billions of cells. Restore your pristine self and feel refreshed. Today you are invited to step back and let the divine express itself through you. Your prayers have been heard and are manifesting. Let go, detach and trust.


The Divine Transmission is a wonderful and easy way to receive crystal-clear guidance from the Divine for your current state of being.