Twin Flames Standing up for Truth! Jeff, Shaleia, et al are saying “no!” to the haters and liars

Twin Flames worldwide are standing up for Truth. There is a global conspiracy against Twin Flames including main-stream media outlets (VICE, Vanity Fair) that are trying to dim the light of Twin Flames and extinguish it in this still vulnerable time.

Journalism can be misused and so did Alice Hines abuse her position as a “journalist” when she wrote an article on Twin Flames recently. Rather than sharing the Truth, she insisted on projecting her own insanity and weaving a dark story aimed to threaten all Twin Flames with Jeff & Shaleia in particular.

In this article now that is linked, Jeff & Shaleia and the Twin Flames Universe community share the Truth about Twin Flames and the main-stream media articles. This is true journalism and a beautiful piece of art and logic. The work by Jeff & Shaleia produces miraculous results and this can be scientifically proven!

Who is going to be the first person that chooses to report on the actual Truth of this movement? Twin Flames, stand together!

Here’s the beautifully written article by Jeff & Shaleia